Enjoy the pace of a modern metropolis and immerse yourself in big city life and still return to a quiet and calm home without need for commuting. Sun Hill Residence offers the benefits sought by most cosmopolitan city dwellers. Its elegant apartments in Buda are located in a relaxed and green neighbourhood close to the city centre. Sun Hill Residence could be the perfect home for you whether you are an individual, a couple, or a family with children looking for the ideal family home.

This two building complex is located at the heart of Buda. It is in a laidback neighbourhood of the 1st district, on the side of Naphegy overlooking the city. This is the place where the past meets the 21st century.

Sun Hill Residence is a real home. A safe haven where you can relax after the bustle and worries of the day. To further aid your comfort, Sun Hill Residence boasts an in-house wellness and fitness centre and a cafe, as well as a park in front of the building, an inner garden, and the panorama rooftop terrace and garden.

The grand limestone facade and the elegant, modem interiors of the buildings and apartments were designed by a world-class international designers and architects using natural materials.

Sun Hill




A 24/7 reception, access control system installed at the entrance and at the garage doors, video surveillance, and video door phones guarantee your peace of mind.


You don’t even have to leave the building if you want to relax or work out: just visit the in-house Wellness and Fitness Centre.

Smart home

Your home is equipped with a broad range of the latest energy efficient and economical solutions. You can use your smart phone to control and programme the temperature of your rooms up to one week in advance.

Panoramic view

Your apartment could offer a view of the historical Buda Castle but you can also relax on the Residence’s 130-square meter rooftop terrace and 125-square meter green roof which offers amazing panoramic views- a view that will always remain unrestricted.


FBIS Architects were in charge of the architectural design of Sun Hill Residence. Soho Hospitality, an international design firm based in Bangkok, came up with the world-class interior design for the building.


The elegant cafe on the ground floor of the building is a great place for meeting up with friends, business partners or it can also serve as your office for a day.

The apartments

Sun Hill Residence was designed with the future residents in mind so they can call this place their home. Accordingly, apartments were designed for everyday life but with a practical approach. We haven’t forgotten about aesthetics either. The apartments feature contemporary architectural and design solutions. We tried to meet a range of preferences, so our future residents can choose from three different apartment types without having to make compromises.

These apartments are furnished with high-quality flooring and tiling as well as high-end bathroom facilities. The rooms have ceiling heating and cooling while the tiled areas are equipped with floor heating. Some of the apartments have a connecting rooftop garden accessible only to its residents.

The apartments


Studio apartment – small but cosy. A great choice for those who love the intensive urban lifestyle and for anyone regularly spending a short time in Budapest.

One-bedroom apartment with a living room – the ideal nest. A comfortable living space primarily suited for couples.

Three-bedroom luxury apartment – the spacious home. Ideal solution for families with children, and couples looking for a large space.


Select an apartment
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Szobák száma:  
Erkély / Terasz:  
Apartment No. Building Floor level m2 Rooms/Bedrooms Balcony / Terrace Garage option Storage option View Property
A101 A 1 74,76 3 11,42 M² Yes Yes sold
A102 A 1 34,71 1 2,86 M² Yes Yes sold
A103 A 1 37,37 1 2,86 M² Yes Yes sold
A104 A 1 66,60 3 10,24 M² Yes Yes sold
A105 A 1 49,18 2 8,00 M² Yes Yes sold
A106 A 1 27,22 1 - Yes Yes sold
A107 A 1 40,03 2 2,80 M² Yes Yes sold
A108 A 1 43,87 2 - Yes Yes sold
A109 A 1 29,05 1 - Yes Yes sold
A110 A 1 51,71 2 4,66 M² Yes Yes sold
A111 A 1 50,06 2 4,65 M² Yes Yes sold
A112 A 1 51,17 2 4,65 M² Yes Yes sold
A113 A 1 37,28 1 5,38 M² Yes Yes sold
A114 A 1 40,43 1 5,38 M² Yes Yes sold
A201 A 2 74,73 3 4,63 M² Yes Yes
A202 A 2 34,72 1 2,86 M² Yes Yes sold
A203 A 2 37,27 1 2,86 M² Yes Yes sold
A204 A 2 66,54 3 7,38 M² Yes Yes sold
A205 A 2 76,89 3 8,01 M² Yes Yes sold
A207 A 2 43,94 2 - Yes Yes sold
A208 A 2 69,97 3 3,29 M² Yes Yes
A209 A 2 51,03 2 - Yes Yes
A210 A 2 49,28 2 - Yes Yes
A211 A 2 50,43 2 - Yes Yes
A212 A 2 57,23 3 10,64 M² Yes Yes
A301 A 3 74,73 3 4,63 M² Yes Yes
A302 A 3 72,77 3 2,86 M² Yes Yes
A303 A 3 66,63 3 7,38 M² Yes Yes sold
A304 A 3 93,36 4 2,78 M² Yes Yes sold
A305 A 3 69,78 3 - Yes Yes
A306 A 3 70,00 3 1,44 M² Yes Yes sold
A307 A 3 51,03 2 - Yes Yes sold
A308 A 3 49,21 2 - Yes Yes
A309 A 3 50,50 2 - Yes Yes
A310 A 3 44,06 2 14,11 M² Yes Yes
A401 A 4 109,56 4 4,63 M² Yes Yes
A402 A 4 106,20 4 2,86 M² Yes Yes
A403 A 4 93,79 4 2,79 M² Yes Yes
A404 A 4 69,86 3 - Yes Yes sold
A405 A 4 86,67 4 1,44 M² Yes Yes sold
A406 A 4 44,28 2 0,94 M² Yes Yes
A407 A 4 55,30 2 - Yes Yes
A408 A 4 46,06 2 - Yes Yes
A409 A 4 49,65 2 - Yes Yes
A501 A 5 97,71 3 37,81 M² Yes Yes sold
A502 A 5 26,91 1 - Yes Yes sold
A503 A 5 86,10 4 1,41 M² Yes Yes sold
A504 A 5 44,28 2 0,94 M² Yes Yes sold
A505 A 5 55,31 2 - Yes Yes sold
A506 A 5 106,09 4 - Yes Yes sold
A206 A 2 40,03 2 2,78 M² Yes Yes sold

…or from the floormap!

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Sun Hill Residence is located in the central part of Buda, in the 1st district on the side of Naphegy. Exactly where the Romans planted their vineyards during the time of Marcus Aurelius. A few centuries later, King Matthias turned the area into the garden of his own palace. Naphegy is next to the Castle district and it is a part of Buda’s history, but also a part of this modem and busy metropolis.

The neighbourhood has excellent infrastructure. The bridges of the Danube are easily accessible as are shops, chic cafes and the cultural institutions of Krisztinavaros. The big park at Taban can be reached in a few minutes.

Although the location offers everything you need for urban life within walking distance, the building is nestled between quiet little streets with hardly any traffic. When you are living here you can almost forget that downtown Pest is only ten minutes away by car; simple to reach across Chain Bridge or Erzsebet Bridge. The major transport hubs as well as the motorways M1 and M7 are also just a quick drive away.